I don’t want to deal with this anymore. If it’s going to be like this then what’s the point. I’ve tried. I’ve tried talking, I’ve even started over with you when we got back together but everything just seems to be going back to the past even when I’m trying to step forward. You keep telling me I’m a disappointment and that’s just wrong to say. And I know that I haven’t said that to you at all. And I never even thought that you were a disappointment. But to say that I am? To me, it just means that, “why am I still trying if you don’t even see that I am trying?” Truthfully, I was hopeful when you said you wanted to try still. I thought that okay, we are both trying. Yet, when I open my mouth or just knock out for a bit. “You’re right, this isn’t going to work.”

And just..unbelievable..how those words have popped up so many times just to crush on what I was trying to build with you again..


I guess this is more troublesome that I thought. I don’t really know what to type. I’m just letting my choices make my path.

And once and for all, the door is closed..opening up to a new one.